Crypto needs to be ‘part of our politics’, Senate candidate and Shibu Inu holder Shannon Bray says


Shannon Bray, who had run for a Senate seat in North Carolina recently advocated crypto currency well before his recent second bid to become a Congressman. Bray is not the only potential candidate who is lobbying for digital currency. Sitting as well as potential candidates in Congress from both the GOP and the Democratic Party have also been lobbying for federal support for crypto currency.

Bray told Yahoo Finance that they were hoping to “get more crypto-representatives in Washington, D.C. to make relations more friendly for retail investors.” He added that they did not want to see “regulation squashing innovation.

According to the outlet, Shannon Bray bought Dogecoin and Shibu Inu, impulsively, earlier in the year. He had said that he would donate the funds in his wallet to veterans if the coin crossed the 1 cent threshold. His cause was taken up a self-proclaimed “SHIB ARMY.”


Bray’s Twitter following has crossed 35,000. The intention behind his donation which is to raise awareness of veteran homelessness and suicide has struck a chord with many. Bray has said that he will donate the funds in his SHIB wallet during his congressional election cycle.

The 49-year old Libertarian is making the digital coin as well as China’s cryptocurrency crackdown a focus of his political ambitions. He also has positions on issues that include anti-war and pro-immigration. He speaks of the need to be savvy of ransomware attacks as well as the need to decrease the size of the federal government.

A few other politicians who speak in favor of cryptocurrencies or are lobbying for cryptocurrencies or have included these digital coins in their campaigns include the following:

Mayor elect New York City—Eric Adams
Ohio Democrat candidate—Morgan Harper
Ohio Republican candidate—Josh Mandel
Ohio Democrat—Matthew Diemer.



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