Celebrity Matt Damon and Ben Affleck partner for sports marketing drama movie on Nike sneakers and Michael Jordan

Celebrity Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are back together producing, writing and costarring in a true life story. Affleck will also direct pal Damon for the first time, although the pair has several successes together, writing scripts and acting together. So, this new partnership could also be another way in which the two friends dunk to success, once again, this time with a drama about Nike executives signing on basketball legend Michael Jordan. Peter Guber and Jason Michael Berman’s banner Mandalay Pictures will also be producers. Amazon Studios and Skydance Sports are also a part of the project.

The Hollywood Reporter, who was the first to report the exclusive, also noted that the sports marketing drama is untitled as of now. However, it confirms that Matt Damon will play Sonny Vaccarro, a former Nike executive, while Ben Affleck will portray Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike.

The true-life drama series traces the journey through which Vaccarro and Knight go through to sign Damon and Affleck partner for sports marketing drama movie on Nike sneakers and Michael Jordan. They finally succeed in getting his endorsement after they go through various people close to him, both personally and professionally.

Vaccarro persisted in his attempt to sign the NBA legend. He contacted Jordan’s parents especially his dynamic mother. He also approached former coaches, friends and advisers of the basketball star. Michael Jordan will not make an appearance. Instead, he will be a “mythic figure hovering above the movie and never seen.”

After the persistence and perseverance by the Nike executive, the sneaker company signed the Chicago Bulls basketball player, who was a rising superstar and the rest is history. Michael Jordan became a legendary NBA player in the late eighties and early nineties and Nike launched its Jordans line of sneakers that became an iconic brand that is enduring to fans and sneakerheads to date.

The relationship between Nike and the basketball player Michael Jordan could be termed as the most significant relationship between an athlete and a sneaker brand.

The movie is expected to have inputs from ESPN’s documentary “Sole Man”, Emmy award winning Jordan series “The Last Dance”, and Alex Convery’s screenplay “Air Jordan.” We wonder what title the Good Will Hunting Oscar award winning script writers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will come up with in their version of this legendary, dramatic, true-life story.

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