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Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)

DOTA News: Evil Geniuses start fast at The International 2022

Evil Geniuses won all three of their matches on Saturday to begin the group stage of The International 2022 in Singapore.

Evil Geniuses recorded 2-0 sweeps over PSG.LGD, OG and Soniqs to ascend to the top of Group A.

Royal Never Give Up reside in second place after posting sweeps over BetBoom Team and BOOM Esports and earning a 1-1 draw against Team Liquid.

OG, who swept BOOM Esports and Gaimin Gladiators, are tied with Team Liquid for third place. Liquid swept BetBoom Team before notching a pair of draws, including one against Soniqs.

In Group B action, Team Aster, Team Secret, Team Spirit and Thunder Awaken each recorded a win and a draw to claim a piece of first place.

Aster swept Talon Esports and tied Tundra Esports, while Secret toppled beastcoast and drew with Thunder Awaken. Spirit defeated Entity and tied Fnatic, while Awaken swept Fnatic in their other match.

The group stage runs through Tuesday before the main event takes place Oct. 20-23 and Oct. 29-30. Twenty teams are competing in a round robin in two groups. All group-stage matches are best-of-two series. The top four teams in each group will advance to the upper bracket of the main event, teams Nos. 5-8 will start in the lower bracket, and the last-place teams will be eliminated.

Group A Standings (W-T-L record, map score)
1. Evil Geniuses, 3-0-0, 6-0
2. Royal Never Give Up, 2-1-0, 5-1
3. OG, 2-0-1, 4-2
3. Team Liquid, 1-2-0, 4-2
5. Gaimin Gladiators, 1-1-1, 3-3
5. Hokori, 0-3-0, 3-3
7. PSG.LGD, 0-2-1, 2-4
7. Soniqs, 0-2-1, 2-4
9. BOOM Esports, 0-1-2, 1-5
10. BetBoom Team, 0-0-3, 0-6

Group B Standings (W-T-L record, map score)
1. Team Aster, 1-1-0, 3-1
1. Team Secret, 1-1-0, 3-1
1. Team Spirit, 1-1-0, 3-1
1. Thunder Awaken, 1-1-0, 3-1
5. TSM, 0-2-0, 2-2
5. Tundra Esports, 0-2-0, 2-2
7. beastcoast, 0-1-1, 1-3
7. Entity 0-1-1, 1-3
7. Fnatic 01-1, 1-3
7. Talon Esports 0-1-1, 1-3

–Field Level Media

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