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Elon Musk Questions Tim Cook as Apple Stops Twitter Advertising

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Elon Musk has claimed that Apple has halted most of its Twitter advertising and has threatened to remove the platform from its app store. His feud against Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook comes as many businesses have cut back on Twitter spending due to concerns about Musk’s content moderation plans for the site. Is Musk frustrated over ad revenues and potential access to customers?

According to Bloomberg, Tesla’s billionaire founder attacked the iPhone maker with a “flurry of tweets” on Monday as a result of a significant decrease in Twitter advertising for the maker of the ubiquitous iPhone.

Watchdog Statista stated that the iPhone is used by 1.2 billion people worldwide and has a market share of more than 50% in the United States. Twitter has approximately 450 million active users worldwide, compared to Apple .

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s annual ad spending was once more than $100 million. The possibility of losing access to the App Store may be more difficult for Musk than the loss of revenue. If Twitter is not included on this platform, it will be cut off from 1.5 billion devices worldwide.

Musk blames activists for putting pressure on advertisers, resulting in a “massive” drop in Twitter revenue. In a series of Tweets on Monday, he accused Apple of “censorship” and criticized its policies, including the charge for app store purchases. Musk asked whether Americans despise free speech. He addressed Apple’s CEO directly, asking, “What’s going on here @tim cook?”

The social media platform’s owner stated that he hopes to raise funds by turning Twitter verification into a paid subscription service, but the king’s share of site’s revenue is generated by advertising, according to the Washington Post.

Out of concern for Apple’s “brand safety,” Apple’s media agency Omnicom advised the Silicon Valley behemoth to pause advertising on the platform.
By picking a fight with Apple, Musk is entering a larger debate about Apple’s clout over online activity through its app store, which is how iPhone owners download games and other apps.

As things stand, Apple could take up to 30% of the monthly fee that Twitter plans to charge some users. Musk shared a meme on Twitter that said “pay 30%.
Prepare for War “with a pointing arrow to the latter.”

All companies listed in the app store must follow Apple’s rules and pay its fees, or they will be removed or suspended. Apple removed the social media platform Parler from the App Store last year, claiming that it did not do enough to remove hate speech. Later, Apple restored Parler after the company updated its policies.

Meanwhile, people continue to wonder why would an online brawl be a resolution strategy. What could be possibly going on behind the scenes of this expression of free speech (as well as counter-intuitive customer relationship management)?

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