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Google is opening its first ever retail store in NYC in the Chelsea area of the city.

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The Google retail store is planned for an opening sometime this summer. Google’s offices already occupy the building.

Google has never had a large retail location and has relied on smaller pop-up shops to introduce new products. While the Apple store is located just a stone’s throw away from the Google location set to open, Android has a large share of the market. Android’s market share will reach 87% in 2022. Respectively, Google Android and Apple iOS have 98% of the global market share for operating systems.

Google users have had to walk into various retail locations to purchase their products or buy direct from the Google website. Support will be offered at the new retail location for all its products. Customers can buy The Nest speakers and thermostats, Fitbit wearables and Pixel Phones, and more.

Retail locations have always worked well for Apple, but not so much for Microsoft. Microsoft is closing 83 of their stores this June due to the success of serving customers online.

Now Google users of its products can walk in and get their phones fixed for the Google Pixel and see and buy new Google products.

Google is also stepping up its partnership with Shopify announced at Google IO. Google will be innovating the shopping ecosystem moving forward offering their product to small and large retailers. Google will differ with the Shopify experience by having their products across the Google universe with just a few clicks.  You get the benefit also with Google Lens-Search what you see by pointing and shoot your phone camera to search for products.




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