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Google’s Super App A WakeUp Call For Other Apps



Last week, a new, redesigned Google Pay was introduced with a lot of the functionality and user interface that consumers had said that they would find appealing in a super app. Google had asked consumers what would be their expectations in a super app almost eighteen months ago, in June 2019.


The Google Pay app focuses on three major activities in one place:

  • Paying friends and businesses
  • Finding offers and rewards across its ecosystem
  • Getting insights on consumer spending


The app integrates Plex accounts adding a banking layer that has products created by credit unions and banks.


Google Pay allows its 150 million users to redeem discount offers via a tap in the app (through an Explorer tab). The offers and promotions are automatically added whether online or in-store.


Google has taken a “privacy-forward design. It will not sell data or transactions history with third parties or the rest of Google for ad targeting. Consumers can choose whether they want to turn on the personalization setting. It is off by default.


It’s too early to predict the trajectory of Google Pay, whether it’s super enough to launch itself as a super app. It has succeeded, however, in setting a high bar for others to follow, especially Apple, who’s ecosystem will soon look outdated as Google Pays can probably take off to great heights as it gets popular day by day.


This app of apps works across operating systems, channels and devices. It can be activated either by voice or by SMS.

Source Seeking Alpha

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