Home Depot customers to get same day next day delivery using Walmart delivery drivers


On Wednesday two major American companies announced a synergistic partnership that could slowly change the face of retail. According to CNBC, Home Depot will use delivery drivers from Walmart to drop small online purchases at customers’ doors. The partnership did not give details about the costs or the duration of the deal.

Less than two months ago, Walmart started a new business called GoLocal. This last mile delivery business’ goal is to attract customers to use their service for goods from local and national stores. Home Depot is the first big retailer to sign up with this new business, which is similar to third part services such as Instacart.

Walmart has a special delivery platform called Spark Drivers. It hires gig workers for delivery. As of now Home Depot customers will be able to order small items such as paint, tools, fasteners and more using Walmart. All delivery items are expected to fit into a car.

Walmart has been looking to expand its footprint. Its huge number of retail stores amounting to more than 4,700 as well as its within 10 proximity to American homes in 90 percent of the nation gives it an advantage over other delivery partners, according to the outlet.

Home Depot is looking to benefit from the deal by offering same day or next day delivery to the huge swath of Americans who live near Walmart stores. Using Spark Driver, it hopes to come closer to its quick delivery goals. The rollout will begin from select Walmart stores.

Home Depot has also improved its delivery to professional customers with a new network of flatbed distribution centers, in large cities, with huge inventory. Bulk supplies are offered to project sites as business is improving.

Home Depot has included delivery services through Walmart as an addition to its existing services. Its 2,300 stores across the nation continue to offer curbside pickup as well as in-store lockers. Scheduled deliveries are also made to home and job sites.



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