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iPhone and iPad Shortcuts to Offer Support, Automation, Creativity and To Save Time


Apple introduced Shortcuts support and the Shortcuts app with iOS13, delighting several Apple fans and users. With the introduction of iOS 14 more shortcuts have been introduced, increasing functionality, creativity and it saves times as it prompts you to undertake mundane activities as well. If you are looking to save a few seconds or minutes in a day in your daily routine as you use your Apple devices look at the ones mentioned below which work well with the iPad and iPhone.


You can also automate directions, events, move texts, or generate reports. Siri will also give you suggestions on shortcuts that you can run with a simple tap. Create a shortcut and ask Siri to run it for you the next time you need to use it.


Use the shortcut app to add shortcuts from the App Gallery. You can also create your own shortcuts, customize them and run them from the home screen in your iPhone, IPad or Apple Watch. You can also use short cut widgets, Siri or the Shortcuts app.


You can also add multiple steps across multiple apps. This can automate several important tasks together saving time and efforts.


Some popular shortcuts are


  1. Photos Toolkit
  2. Apple Frames
  3. YouTube Picture-in-Picture
  4. Make PDF
  5. Dictate to Notes
  6. Set AirPlay
  7. Music Finder
  8. URL Shortener
  9. Tea Timer
  10. Calculate Tip
  11. Email album art
  12. Find caffeine before meeting



The My Shortcuts screen of the app stores all your shortcuts. Run them in a jiffy from your Apple device. They work in sync with the iPad, the iPhone and the Apple Watch. They have been created to make your life easier.


Different regions provide difference services, apps and content. Check out what is available for your region and enjoy saving time by automating mundane tasks or unleashing your creativity and use some if not all these shortcuts in your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch.

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