Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial: Deposition of witnesses begin

Popular Celebrity actor Johnny Depp has sued ex wife Amber Heard for defamation. He has asked for $50 million as damages. The trial began on Monday and some witnesses have already deposed, while other will do so in the next few weeks. There will be more than 100 witnesses who will testify in the trial which began on April 11th at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia.

The couple who dated for a few years had a tumultuous relationship as well as a volatile marriage that lasted but a few years as they got divorced in 2017. In 2018, ex wife Amber Heard wrote an article in The Washington Post where she mentioned domestic violence against women. There was an implication that the piece was directed against her ex Depp.

Although the 35-year old Aquaman actor did not mention the 58-year old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor by name, Depp’s lawyers said that it became difficult for the actor to get roles that were previously offered to him due to the implied domestic violence.

The Independent has been covering the case live and said that the following witnesses had already deposed

The 58-year old actor’s neighbor, who is an artist, said that there were no marks on Amber’s face after an alleged incident that took place in 2016.


Depp’s sister sad that she had heard Amber Heard calling Johnny Depp “old and fat.” She also said that their family was “devastated” by his marriage to Heard.

Heard has meanwhile said that she would use the anti-SLAPP provision (strategic lawsuits against public participation) in defense. She also said in a statement that she continued “to pay the price.”

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The entire relationship and the allegations of the former spouses against each other is a whole account of “he said” “she said” and witnesses who favor one or the other party as per their loyalties. However, there could be more neutral witnesses such as the officers who were called for when a 911 call was made for a domestic disturbance at their apartment. Both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have also agreed that some video footage at the building could be submitted at the trial.

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