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Kate Middleton French Magazine – CWEB.com


The court in a Paris suburb ruled Tuesday that three photographers and three newspaper executives invaded the privacy of Kate Middleton by taking and publishing the photos. Two executives of a French gossip magazine and two photographers working with a photo agency were collectively ordered to pay 50,000 euros ($59,500) in damages to Kate and the same amount to her husband, Prince William.

A prosecutor at a Paris suburb court has asked for high fines, and lawyers for Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, are seeking heavy damages.

The couple, who aren’t expected to attend the verdict hearing on Tuesday, had filed a complaint after the photos were published in a French gossip magazine and a regional newspaper in 2012, the year after their wedding.

The pictures of Kate were taken with telephoto lenses while she and her husband apparently were sunbathing on a patio at a private estate in France’s southern Provence region.


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