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McConnell & Pelosi Say They Will Also Take the COVID-19 Vaccine to Reassure Americans



Days and weeks after President elect Joe Biden, Vice President Mike Pence, all the former American Presidents alive had said that they would get vaccinated to assure fellow Americans of its safety, Mitch McConnell, Senior Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker said on Thursday that they would get inoculated soon.

Connell said, “The only way to beat this pandemic is for us to follow the advice of our nation’s health care professionals: get vaccinated and continue to follow CDC guidelines.”

The Senior Majority Leader added that he would get vaccines because “of government continuity requirements.” He also said that he will continue to wear a mask and maintain social distancing after he gets vaccinated.

In a statement, 80-year-old Pelosi said, “With confidence in the vaccine and at the direction of the Attending Physician, I plan to receive the vaccine in the next few days.”

She added, “Even with a vaccine, I will continue to follow CDC guidelines by continuing to wear a mask and take other science-based steps to stop the spread of the virus.”

According to multiple sources Congress is scheduled to receive a limited batch of the COVID-19 virus.

According to research conducted in the nation by the Kaiser Family Foundation more than 25% of its respondents are hesitating to take the vaccine.

Most of the great Americans leaders, past and present, are coming forward to take the vaccine, some of them publicly, to reassure Americans about its safety and efficacy.



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