Meta Gets Physical: Buy VR Headsets in its first retail showroom

On Monday, Meta announced that it was opening its first retail showroom. The location, at the company’s Burlingame, California campus, would sell its Oculus virtual reality headsets to promote its most ambitious idea so far—the metaverse. Facebook, as it was originally called before it adopted the name Meta, is taking its initial steps through a physical location, to popularize a virtual world. It will be called “Meta Store.”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that the metaverse will become the standard. It will be used for working, socializing and gaming. Meta has allocated $10 billion to build the virtual world called metaverse. The company believes that a virtual world is the future and has invested huge amounts to build and develop the metaverse.

The retail store is expected to open on May 9, 2022. It will have demo areas for customers to try products such as its Oculus virtual reality (VR) headsets as well as apps and games that run on these VR headsets.

The store will sell the Quest 2 headset, accessories and Portal video chat devices. Customers can also try on Ray-Ban Stories, which are smart glasses developed by the company in partnership with the popular eyeglass maker Ray-Ban. However, these smart glasses have to be bought online. Meta also noted that it would roll out a “shop” tab on its website.

The company explained that the goal of opening a Meta Store was to give people a chance to explore the possibilities that their products could achieve. The physical store will let customers have a glimpse of the future as developments increase day by day, on the “metaverse” as it “comes to life.”

Meta also wants to demystify the “concept a bit in the process.” As a long list of banks, footwear companies, fashion brands and others start buying land and opening virtual stores, Meta is doing its bit to make the metaverse or Web3, as it is called, easier to understand, through demos at its first 1,550-square foot physical store in its Burlingame, California campus in America.



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