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New iPhone feature Alerts Users If They Are Stalked


As the iOS 14.5 beta version rolls out, Apple bloggers and analysts look at the new features that show promise. One of the latest features discovered is called “Item Safety Alerts.” It seems to be an attempt to prevent others from stalking a user, by using Air Tags. It would be tracked through “Find My app.”


Benjamin Mayo, an iOS developer and Apple blogger said that if someone secretly hid a tag in your possessions, your iPhone will notice it and give you a warning. He also tweeted that the setting stays on by default, which makes sense. However, since is possible to turn it off, it means that false positive alerts may be obtained in certain circumstances.


If a user chooses to turn the setting off, as the option is available, the owner of the phone will be given a warning that the owner of the item is able to see their location. The alert will also mention that the user will no longer receive notifications when an unknown item is found to move with them.


In April 2019, MacRumors had released screenshots of the potential Air Tags project but as is the norm, Apple has not as yet made an official statement. As per the report, Air Tags are small keychain sized devices that can be attached to items used every day. They had a code name “B389.” They were rumored to debut with the earlier iOS — iOS 13.


Apple users can also possibly put these tags in “Lost mode”, if the item to which the tag is attached is lost or misplaced. In such circumstances, if another Apple device user finds the misplaced item, they can view the item user’s contact details and inform them about the item through a call or a text message.


The new feature by Apple could be available soon as the tech giant is planning to expand the scope of “Find my app” so that it could also be used with third party accessories. Currently the “Find My app” is a feature that is available in iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch as well as in Mac devices. Apple has not responded about this new feature called “Item Safety Alerts,” when requested for comments by Fox.


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