No Cardi B dolls for Bardi Gang, Covid and low quality leads to cancellation

There was a lot of hype and likes when Cardi B had announced that there would be a doll in her likeness, way back in March, this year. However, there’s bad news since, as a Cardi B rep told TMZ that the dolls will not be released. The disappointment is palpable as the Bardi gang and others have been told to ask for refunds.

A rep told the outlet that the reasons why the dolls would no longer be released was due to Covid. The pandemic had caused both manufacturing and shipping delays. The rep also said that Cardi B had concerns about the dolls themselves. She believed that they would not reach the high quality standards that she sets.

The rep also told TMZ that CB had asked Real Woman Are (RWA), the company that was involved in the making of the dolls to refund all the pre-sale purchases. The company has agreed to do so. The rapper is encouraging those who have not as yet asked for a refund to request for one immediately.

Earlier in March, Cardi B announced on Instagram that she would be releasing her own doll that was inspired by her, created by her and designed by her. She asked her “BARDI GANG” to reserve their dolls on the Real Women Are website, a fashion doll brand. The dolls were priced at $35 each.


Shipping deadlines were missed after the orders were placed on the website. The Real Women Are on Instagram saw many people complaining that they had not received the dolls. They also demanded refunds or an update. Now Cardi had addressed their concerns and they will get their refunds. However, they will also be disappointed as the update says that the Cardi lookalike doll will not be released.

Earlier, the Bronx native said that she was a “girl’s mom” and she gifted her nieces with dolls and other merch. She said that she had spent money on dolls. So, she decided to get into the doll business. However, now it look like she is getting out of the doll business, for now, at least.

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