Olivia Rodrigo mentions ‘strange gift’ she got from President Biden for her vaccine efforts

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On Tuesday, Olivia Rodrigo was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” During the show, she mentioned the gifts that she had received from President Biden when she stopped by the White House, in summer, on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, according to multiple news agencies. She helped the administration in trying to persuade young people to get a COVID-19 jab.

Rodrigo said that President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Dr. Anthony Fauci and all the others whom she had met at the White House were “so kind.” She called the White House “the coolest place” but said she was nervous visiting.

She spoke of her fears of perhaps sneezing and breaking “a priceless artifact” and that it was “crazy” but she managed to leave the White House without breaking anything and thanked God that she hadn’t done so.


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Although Olivia Rodrigo did not break any artifacts, she did collect a few gifts from POTUS, one of which was a bit “strange.” There was a photo posted where President Biden and Olivia Rodrigo twinned as both of them sported aviator sunglasses. These glasses are a signature for Biden but Kimmel asked Rodrigo if the aviators she wore in the photo belonged to her or if they were a gift from POTUS.

Rodrigo said that President Biden had gifted her the aviators as well as a few other items including M&Ms and a “shoe horn” that she said was “strange.” She said that she saw the one-of-a-kind gift later as it was in a bag.

Kimmel was surprised to know that she got a shoe horn and could barely contain his laughter. He joked that if anyone ever thought Joe Biden was too old to be president, now they knew he was as he was “giving out shoe horns.”

Olivia Rodrigo posted about her visit to the White House on Instagram. She thanked everyone at the White House for hosting her. She also asked everyone to get “VAXED” as it was “SO IMPORTANT.”

President Biden has a different sense of humor. Sometimes his gaffes have got him into mild hot water. We think he will sportingly take the joking comments offered by Kimmel.


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