One more resignation in Britney Spears Saga: Court appointed lawyer resigns


After Britney’s June 23 impassioned talk with Judge Penny, a few members, except her father, on the conservatorship team have resigned. Last week, The Bessemer Trust had filed to resign as co-conservator saying they respect their client’s wish that she did not want to be under conservatorship. On Monday, her longtime manager resigned as he said that Britney had made it clear that she doesn’t want to work again and Sam Ingham her court appointed lawyer put in his resignation as court-appointed counsel, on Tuesday.


Sam D Ingham III said that he was resigning as court-appointed counsel for Britney Jean Spears, conservator as soon as the court appointed new counsel. Ingham and his company have been representing Spears from 13 years. Last month, Britney told the judge that her lawyer had advised her not to come forward with claims regarding her conservatorship. She asked the court to allow her to appoint her own lawyer.


When Britney spoke to the judge, she went off the so-called script that was her life, a life filled with control, control by a whole team of people who were living off her earnings as she said so to the judge. She told the judge that her lawyer had been scared for her to go forward and said that she should “keep it to myself.”


Ingham told the judge that he was unaware of what she was about to say and that what she said were “entirely her words.” At the end of the testimony, Ingham had said that he would resign if it was his client’s wish. He along with his firm Loeb and Loeb have now submitted their resignation.


Britney had strong words against her entire team, especially her father, however, he remains her conservator. Her lawyer has filed his request to resign at the Los Angeles Superior Court. What happens next? Nobody knows as yet. The saga of a 13-year-old conservatorship against a 39-year-old pop star Britney, who is disillusioned by the behavior of all those who earn their living from her past and present earnings such as her family and her employees, and yet control her, continues.

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