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Protests Break Out In Philadelphia After Police Shoot Black Man


Photo: Jessica Griffin, AP


Protesters clashed violently with the police as a result of police shooting a black man on Monday, before 4 pm. Over 12 people were arrested while thirty or more officers were injured during the clashes. Police said that the man refused to drop a knife when he was ordered too. The entire confrontation was captured on video.


Twenty seven year old Walter Wallace was shot on October 26. The episode was filmed by a bystander. It was later posted on social media. Neighbors and bystanders said that the police fired several shots.


Walter Wallace Sr., the father of the victim said that his son could have been shot ten times. He told the Philadelphia Enquirer that his son was also a father. He added that his son was on medication and that he had mental health issues. He also asked, “Why didn’t they use a Taser?”


Hundreds of people took to the streets in the early hours of Tuesday morning. There were a few violent confrontations. Protesters set police cars and dumpsters on fire. The police had a tough time containing the crowds. Then over a dozen of officers, most of them carrying batons in their hands, formed a line as they ran through 52nd street. Seeing this, the crowd dispersed.


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