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Seasonal Face Masks A Possibility According to White House medical adviser Fauci


Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House’s chief medical adviser said that wearing masks could soon become a seasonal activity and could be worn by people during the times when respiratory illnesses were more common. Fauci had been interviewed on NBC on Sunday on the program, “Meet the Press.”


Dr.Fauci said that it was conceivable that as a year or two passes by, during certain seasonal periods, when respiratory borne viruses like the flu are more prevalent, people may volunteer to wear masks to decrease the possibility of spreading such disease to others. He believes that Americans have got used to wearing masks and these face coverings reduce respiratory diseases.


He also said that the flu season had been almost nonexistent as people were following guidelines for COVID-19 by wearing face coverings and this could be the reason why the flu didn’t affect them.


These comments from  Dr. Fauci have come after the Biden administration has relaxed federal guidelines for wearing masks outdoors. The CDC guidelines recommend that fully vaccinated people need not wear a face mask when exercising outside or when they attended small outside gatherings. It had also said that fully vaccinated people were recommended to wear a mask outside when the area was crowded.


According to CDC data, over 45 percent of the nation’s population has received one dose of the vaccination. This includes 33.9 percent of the population who has been fully vaccinated.


Dr.Fauci called the American vaccines that are available a “game changer.” He pleaded with people to get vaccinated. He said when a larger number of people get vaccinated there was a less likelihood of a surge in the coming fall or winter.


Dr.Fauci also reminded the nation that this choice of being vaccinated was not available last year. Many Americans are still hesitating to get vaccinated as it is their personal choice or because vaccines have not yet been made available to them.





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