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SpaceX launches the Starlink App

The SpaceX Starlink app has launched for satellite broadband Internet service for Android an iOS devices.  The app will bring high speed internet access across the world by 2021.. Currently the app is in beta mode and you must be a part of the official beta program prior to  the initial public rollout that is about to begin.

The app will guide users on how to install the satellite dish and connect the device in your network. it will allow you to see what is connected to your network and the speed to which it connects. The Starling faded test named “Better Than Nothing Beta Program,” will be available across the United States and Canada before the end of this year. Starlink will deliver high speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable, expensive, or completely unavailable.

SpaceX, a company with formidable experience in rocket launches, has sent several small satellites  to space, to bring better internet connectivity to rural and sparsely populated areas in the United States and Canada.


This paid program called  Better Than Nothing Beta program is offered to a select group of customers. Some school districts and local governments have already started using it. SpaceX hopes to eventually cover the entire world. Major expansions are set to take place in 2021 after they study the impact of the beta program.


More than 800 hundred small satellites have already been launched into space. SpaceX has faced criticism as astronomers believe that light bouncing off these low earth satellites can affect telescope images. The company has said that the satellites would have experimental coating to decrease brightness.


The beta program fee is initially $99 per month. There’s also a $499 single payment for hardware, including a terminal, a Wi-Fi router and a mounting tripod.  The Starlink service may have a slower speed when compared to other broadband service providers but it is better than having no connectivity at all. Musk wishes to use the revenue generated from this service to advance research on rockets and spaceships than may one day reach Mars.

Participants in the beta program will pay $99 a month with an initial cost of $499 for the hardware, mounting kit, router with Wi-Fi and with networking capabilities and the dish.

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