Taliban reaches the gates of Kabul, Afghanistan, Biden points finger at Trump blame for the catastrophe and chaos he left.


On Sunday, Taliban reached the capital city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The president of Afghanistan has fled the country and Americans troops are hastily evacuating embassy staff and others. Amid the political uncertainty that will affect the ordinary Afghani as the Taliban take over the country, President Joe Biden is blaming former president Donald Trump are for ensuing the catastrophe and chaos.


On Saturday, in a statement, President Joe Biden blamed his predecessor for the rise in power of the Taliban. He said that he had inherited a deal cut by his predecessor which left the Taliban in its strongest position since 2001. It also said that his predecessor had invited the Taliban to Camp David on the eve of 9/11 on 2019. This deal had imposed a May1, 2021 dead line on U.S. forces.


Biden continued blaming former President Donald Trump and said that he had cut down U.S. forces to a bare minimum of 2,500. He added that he had a choice of following through the deal with a brief extension to get American forces and allies to safety or to increase American forces to fight once again in “another country’s civil conflict.”


Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken told CNN Sunday that there was an agreement that the forces would come out on May 1. If they had not withdrawn then America would have been back at war and would have had to send tens of thousands of troops as they had only 2,500 troops and the air power would not have been sufficient.


He also said that it was against American nationalist interests to remain in Afghanistan and said that its adversaries would like to see American troops diverted to Afghanistan for another decade.


Former President Trump retaliated with his comments immediately saying that the Taliban were no longer afraid due to the actions of President Joe Biden but Trump did not address the issue that he invited the Taliban to Camp David on the eve of 9-11 2019 and why only wanted to negotiate with them only but without the President of Afghanistan.


Also notable to mention when former President Trump started the process to leave Afghanistan nobody criticized him on both sides of the political spectrum.


Meanwhile, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen told BCC that the leadership had instructed their forces to remain at the gates of Kabul and not to enter the city. He said that they were “awaiting a peaceful transfer of power.”

Image(Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons / https://tinyurl.com/4rbkrpua)

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