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Tech Writer-Editor Shares Positive Views on Apple’s AirPods Max Headphones





TechCrunch Editor-In-Chief and Matthew Panzarino posted his first impressions on AirPods Max, Apple’s latest addition to its family of headphones. He airs his views after using the headphones after using it for a day.

His first thoughts are, “they’re gorgeous. The earcups are beautiful. The band is incredibly sturdy. The netting feels like a high-end piece of furniture. The stems are very well done, with a precision pull out mechanism that acts like a precision milled car piston.”

The techi says that AirPods Max are equipped with top class netting, ear pads, and a magnetic centering with a clasp. Its tuck and roll feature of the earcup comes with an invisible seam that attach to the body adds to the comfort. There is also a piece of aluminum place in each ear cup.

Another wow factor is that the headphones have piston-style extruding earcups, but with a limited spring back style articulation of the cup. The sound delivery is great, whether you are listening to music, having conversations or watching a movie.

However, these headphones are heavy, says Panzarino. They are heavier than a pair of Beats and weigh about 386 grams. They tend to slip off when the person wearing them is walking briskly or bends towards the floor.

His advice to people with an aversion to heavy headphones is that “These things are heavy. If you do not like heavy headphones, do not buy the AirPods Max.”

Additionally, AirPods Max has no power button; it turns off automatically when you take it off and set it down. Wear them and they start, take them off and they shut down! The Audio panning and positioning from Atmos is cleverly done; watching from an iOS device makes you feel like you are surrounded with sound with a strong center that positions at the screen.

There is no charger included, but the headphones can be charged from any power brick. Apple’s claim is that 5 minutes of charging will give you 1.5 hours of power. The headphones do not come with the required 3.5mm cable, so buyers need to spend to get one. They are also not travel-friendly!

In summary, AirPods Max is a high-quality product with solid sound delivery!

Source: Techcrunch

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay


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