The Guilty (8/10) Movie Review and Video

The Guilty (8/10) Movie Review and Video –

by Tony Medley Movie Reviews

Photo Credit Video /Magnolia Pictures

Film Distribution / Magnolia Pictures

Runtime 84 minutes.


Danish police officer Asger Holm (Jakob Decergren) has been demoted to work as an emergency dispatcher. Then he gets a frantic call from a woman who has been kidnapped. Confined to the police station and anchored to his desk and earphones, Asger tries to help her through calls to and from her and other police bureaus, including his partner.

Brilliantly directed with fine pace and tension by Gustav Moller, this is a spellbinding thriller that never leaves Asger’s desk. Asger has problems of his own, too. It’s hard to believe that watching a man speak on the phone for 84 minutes could be this entrancing. In Danish.

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