The Most Influential Celebrities on Social Media


Long gone are the days when you would be vying to catch a glimpse or news about your favorite celebrity just on television. With social media’s prevalence, you can get first-hand news about what your latest celeb crush is up to. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter have given us rare access into their worlds, which they often use to openly talk about important issues while others use it to grow their online empires.

Some of the most influential celebs with the most followers on Instagram are mentioned below:

  1. Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan is one of the most recognizable talents in Hollywood and has come to be known for his quick wit and humor that is evident in his Instagram and Twitter posts. The “Deadpool” actor is often seen taking hilarious digs at his family life and fellow celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, and Josh Brolin.

  1. Rihanna

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Consisting of 61 million followers on Instagram, Rihanna is widely known for her music and blockbuster movies like Home, Ocean’s 8, and Valerian, to mention a few. Her Fenty Beauty line has only increased her followers and global appeal.

  1. Noah Centino

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The young rising star of many Netflix films is quickly garnering followers on Instagram with over 20 million and counting. His inspirational posts are often on self-reflection and documentation of personal experiences. His uninhibited soul and free spirit will undoubtedly inspire you, so make sure to follow him!

  1. Jennifer Lopez

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With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, J.Lo is known for her fitness and fashion that keeps her forever young and always trending. Join the other 73 million followers and enjoy her humorous posts and music videos that keep you updated about the happenings in her life.

  1. Kevin Hart

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The massively successful comedian who ventured into acting has over 57 million followers on Instagram. If you want a good laugh, then head on over to his page, and you could learn something amidst all the laughter he’s bound to cause! He doesn’t leave any stone un-turned as an African-American and talks openly about his past experiences, from clothes to shoes to exotic cars.

Social media is probably the most significant gift of technology, which has enabled fans from all over the world to get a glimpse into the lives of their most favorite celebs. You can gain insight through their struggles while getting a sneak peek into their lives!

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