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TV News Realigns: Who’s Up? Who’s Down? An Analysis



Since Election Day, there has been a soaring viewership for CNN News while Fox’s viewership has been falling to unprecedented low levels. Although this shifting viewership is related to one channel gaining viewers and the other losing them, it’s not as simple as X gaining and Y losing.


CNN has definitely gained viewers because a major chunk of viewers is looking for reliable information  about these topics:

  • The pandemic.
  • The presidential transition.
  • The terror threat.

Fox is losing viewers because of reasons that are more complex than the above factors. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • The base audience is disheartened by Trump’s loss and has moved away from news to other TV shows.
  • The riots have disappointed the base and they don’t really follow much of news and updates.
  • Trump supporters were expected to leave the channel after Biden’s win.
  • Channels from the right such as Newsmax and One America News are luring away Fox’s traditional audience.
  • Viewers are confused as the channel seems to be avoiding news rather than reporting it.
  • The viewers are tired of listening to the same message and opinions rather than facts.

CNN has been the top-rated broadcaster on three major events called it’s across the board specials.

  1. The Georgia runoffs.
  2. The Capitol riots.
  3. The impeachment debates.

This month to date the average viewers throughout the day are as follows:

  1. CNN — 2.08 million
  2. MSNBC — 1.74 million
  3. Fox 1.41 million

In the days to come Fox could reassert its position as viewers may return with Rupert Murdoch putting himself back at the helm but how far will it rise after its recent abysmal fall is something that no pundit can predict.


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