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TV writer and comedian Jensen Karp reveals unappealing, unappetizing surprise: shrimp infested cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Writer-producer Jensen Karp loved his Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal up to Monday. However, an unappealing, unappetizing surprise in his Monday breakfast has made him forego cereal probably for the rest of his life. He found shrimp tails and other foreign tiny objects in his cereal box when he went for a second helping of cereal.


Early Tuesday, he told Yahoo Entertainment that he “hasn’t eaten since” and that he felt sick not physical but mentally and that he felt terrible and his plan were to juice cleanse.


Karp said that he was going to pour some more cereal in his bowl, when he discovered the shrimp bits and other extraneous matter. He said that his 21-month year old son also liked picking cereal bits from his bowl but he spotted the unusual bits before feeding it.


He was a bit freaked out. He complained about this to General Mills and thus started a back and forth between him and the company. He told them that he had bought the apparently tainted box at a Costco in Los Angeles.


He said he got no reply to his email or on Twitter. He then wrote to General Mills. The comedian didn’t believe the company’s explanation that it was “an accumulation of cinnamon sugar” and that “there’s no possibility of cross contamination with shrimp.”


He was upset with their reply and went back to the bag and found a small bit of string. His wife checked the second bag which “seemed taped up” and appeared to include “dental floss.”


He has sent the contents to be checked in a lab and is also planning to go for a poison test, though he was feeling fine. At the very least, he wants people to learn from his experience.


General Mills provided Yahoo Entertainment with a statement saying that they were investigating the matter and that they were confident that it didn’t occur at their facility. They asked consumers who notice tampering in their cereal box or bag including the clear tape that was found in Karp’s box to contact them.

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