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Twitter Tests ‘Undo Tweet’: Confirmed By Company but may appear with limits and paid subscription





On Friday, Twitter confirmed to CNET that it is testing an “undo tweet” feature. In an earlier survey Twitter had asked users about the features they would consider paying for and the ability to take back tweets was one of those mentioned in the survey. Users said that it would be a welcome feature on Twitter.


A work-in- progress interface was also discovered some time back by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. She found a new “Undo” button below the standard “Your tweet was sent” dialog. The app researcher believes that this could potentially be a paid feature as a subscription screen was also discovered to be attached to the feature.


However, very little information has been given by Twitter so far including the date by which it would be launched. On the surface, it appears to be a money spinner as think of how many professional tweeters who would benefit if they have time to think about what they have tweeted and the consequences of their tweets.


Another feature that would be applauded by many would be an edit feature but there has been absolutely no indication that such a feature would be added to the platform. An “Undo” button is a first step forward and is better than having no such feature at all.


Those who have a propensity to shoot of their mouth should welcome this feature. Although it is still in the development stage, it can perhaps save the skins of potential professional users who fire away tweets without realizing their consequences.


Recently, several politicians, CEOs etc. including former president Donald Trump and My Pillow CEO were offloaded from the platform. If this feature was available, maybe, just maybe we would see a higher quality of tweets and less of rhetoric during all hours of the day and night. Perhaps some of us might miss trying to and failing to figure out what covfefe and similar tweets might mean, if the “Undo” button plays spoilsport and stops the addition of meaningless words to stir our imaginations.


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