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Useful Tips to get the best from your Apple Watch



Wearing an Apple Watch is unlike strapping on another watch. It is a subliminal tech experience to make the most of and not to be just used with default settings.

Here are some tips to make it your personal go to piece of tech that you can easily carry on your wrist.

The first step is to sync the watch with your iPhone by placing it near it. This will cause a panel to pop up. Instructions will be given on how to pair, how to sign in, how to create a password and how to enable features that you wish to add. It could ask you to set up Siri and Apple Pay.

It is also advised to set up SOS automatic watch updates and fall detection. You can also use or personalize the following in your new Apple Watch:


  • Fitness+ video service
  • Activity Goals
  • Alarms to remind you to get up
  • Start and end work sessions
  • Sleep pattern tracking apps
  • Hand washing timer essential in the pandemic

Watch Faces

You can track schedules or use default ones including the weather, activities, schedules, clocks or other options to individually customize it.

Messaging and miscellaneous tips

If you get an urgent message that you can’t answer, as you’re not hands-free, you can use pre-set messages to reply immediately, with a couple of a dozen options. Setting up a personal Memoji is also a fun option though it may not always convey the message you have been meaning to send.

If your Watch Face has too many apps, there’s an option for a list view of your customized apps.



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