Walmart Company Policies Employee Protest –




Walmart Company Policies Employee Protest –

Dear Walmart Employees, Nobody is stopping you from shopping your formidable skillset out to other employers. If you believe you’re worth more than Walmart is paying you, then go out and get it.

What WalMart does is good for America, it provides jobs for the most people with the least skill-set and allows people the opportunity to get better jobs, either through further education or staying with company and getting promotions. It also lowers the cost of living and it keeps the market competitive.

Walmart employs 1% of the U.S population 1.4 million people. They’ve got some good paying jobs like that DC in Mebane. Everybody there makes at least $30,000+ a year but you can’t really expect to make a living being a cashier at Walmart. You’re gonna have to keep moving up.

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