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Washington DC Fox 5 suspends news anchor for “fat shaming” obese who get COVID-19 vaccine in tweet


Blake McCoy, co-anchor of Fox 5’s evening broadcast has been suspended from his post at the WTTG station, for tweeting on Tuesday against the obese, who have been getting vaccines as a priority in America. He has faced a backlash on Twitter for his comments as well as his lame excuse of an apology.


He posted that he was annoyed that obese people of all ages were prioritized to receive the vaccine before essential workers. He added that when most people stayed at home, essential workers like him put themselves and their loved ones at risk.


He said that all essential workers should be vaccinated before the obese. Obese persons have higher risks of contacting COVID-19. In Washington DC, news anchors do not fall in the “essential workers” category



Incidentally LGBTQ Nation reported that the gay anchor had worked from home in the beginning of the pandemic. It said that he had also posted Instagram photos of his travels: from Hawaii to California and from New York to West Virginia. In most of the photos, although he is surrounded by several people, he is most often mask-less.


Later he issued an apology and deleted his tweet. His apology was considered both bland and hollow. Many people criticized him for his remarks as well as his apology.


Another DC based journalist, who also identifies as gay, said that the “shameful” anchor should be fired for his awful tweet about the recipients of the coronavirus vaccine and questioned him regarding “which comorbities are Ok?”


One essential worker, who said that she was a plus-size and worked in healthcare, said that she was “pretty saddened to see that tweet.”


Another worker said that her sister suffered from mental health issues resulting in obesity and that she was a healthcare worker and cared for people. She called his tweet “truly despicable.”


One man even mentioned his struggles with weight issues his entire life and had considered suicide due to judgemental people who body shamed him. He told the Blake McCoy that he he used to respect him. He also asked the anchor “to learn something from this.”


There were many responses on Twitter in a similar vein.

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