White House calls out Bezos after Biden inflation comment by Amazon founder

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos commented on President Joe Biden’s recent comments on inflation, leading to an ongoing exchange of comments between the White House and the Amazon founder. Jeff Bezos is an extremely savvy businessman who has faced criticism from his workers, from Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

He is known for his comments, his sharp business dealings, avoidance of paying corporate taxes through write offs, paying a local authority to dismantle an iconic bridge for his super yacht to pass through, sponsoring public figures for space jaunts, while employees get less benefits and are intimidated when trying to form unions. So, the White House hit back, this could be just another spat to be dealt with, in the Amazon founder’s life!

On Friday, President Joe Biden tweeted, “You want to bring down inflation? Let’s make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share.”

Although the president didn’t mention any corporate by name, Bezos responded to the tweet saying that “mushing them [corporate taxes and inflation] together is just misdirection.”

Amazon had paid no federal income taxes in 2017 and 2018, according to articles in several news outlets.

On Sunday, Bezos tweeted again that the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, signed into law in March 2021, had contributed to inflation. The world’s second richest billionaire with a fortune of over $100 billion said that inflation harmed the poor the most.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates responded to Bezos’ comments saying that it didn’t “require a huge leap” to figure why the world’s second wealthiest person was opposing President Biden’s proposal to increase taxes paid by corporations and ultra-wealthy individuals.

Bates also mentioned that it was not surprising that the tweet came “after the President met with labor organizers, including Amazon employees.

Image: Jeff Bezos Wikimedia Author Daniel Oberhaus

Jeff Bezos once again responded that the Biden administration was trying to “muddy the topic.”

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