Why is Groupon Stock a Buy?

Groupon shares have moved up 100% in the past month. This could finally lead the way let’s talk to go even higher as the economy rebounds after Covid-19. Groupon has certainly proved that remote working for its staff has helped enable its growth. Why the share price is volatile, this gives investors a chance to buy in.

Consumers still want to enjoy the travel experience. Groupon took a different spin on travel with its Party Like a Rockstar offering. For $18,500 why not gather a bunch of people together and take a road trip on a luxury celebrity tour bus?

The full amenity bus has 11 beds, comes with to drive wraparound sofas, but only has one restroom and a fully equipped far. There is a full kitchenette and Wi-Fi. These exact buses have toured celebrities all over the United States. So, for those that usually spend $3,000 to $5,000 go on their vacations each year they can gather a bunch of friends and family and split the cost. This deal offering supplies Groupon with a a hefty commission.

Reverse stock splits are not always favorable after the fact. They usually signal that a company can be in trouble. Since Groupons 1 for 20 stock split, the stock has risen 150%. Short interest on the stock is also at a four-year high but Groupon is poised for a turnaround. Groupon is currently making its way for international expansion by acquiring smaller competitive companies. Groupon is in a key position because they offer consumers what they need in a pandemic, the lowest discount pricing essential need items and gifts.

It looks like consumers will be ordering online for quite a while to come over visiting a brick-and-mortar store to buy merchandise.  We see this stock a buy with a lot of room to run going forward.

Ann Ziegler has served on our Board since June 2014. Ms. Ziegler served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of CDW Corp. (“CDW”) (NASDAQ: CDW) from April 2008 through December 2017. Prior to joining CDW, Ms. Ziegler spent 15 years at Sara Lee Corporation (“Sara Lee”), a global consumer goods company, in a number of executive roles including finance, mergers and acquisitions, strategy and general management positions in both U.S. and international businesses.Source Groupon

(NASDAQ: GRPN)  CWEB Analysts view the stock as a long term growth and a great addition to your investment portfolio with an upward momentum of  $60-$100 by 2021 with direct competition to Amazon and Etsy.

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