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Will Elon Musk Move Twitter Headquarters Out of San Francisco as City Investigates Zoning Law Gaps

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Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, seems to be clearly miffed as San Francisco city officials reportedly dare to question his proposed transformation of the company headquarters into a quasi-motel for the employees he is fast exhausting. The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection’s decision to look into claims that Twitter may be infringing on zoning laws has infuriated Musk.

According to reports, Musk could potentially change the company’s headquarters out of the city after San Francisco launched an investigation into reports that a part of its corporate offices had been converted into makeshift sleeping quarters to meet the needs of overworked employees. Fans want Twitter to remain in California.

Tuesday’s investigation into a complaint made to the city’s 311 reporting service was first reported by The San Francisco Chronicle. Ironically, the city’s Department of Building Inspection responded to the complaint sent via Twitter by saying that it was investigating whether the business was breaking any zoning laws with its in-office bedrooms. The Chronicle received confirmation from the city department that it intended to visit Twitter HQ for a site inspection.

Twitter was established in San Francisco in 2006, and since 2011, the company has been based at its Market Street location in the Civic Center district of the city. According to the San Francisco Standard, the lease on its headquarters, which is located on 379,000 square feet, expires in 2028. Following disputes with the state over business regulations, the Tesla CEO has a history of removing his companies from California.

After publicly criticizing California officials for enforcing COVID regulations that forced businesses to close their factories, he relocated Tesla headquarters last year from the Bay Area to Austin, Texas. Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared that, should Musk decide to move Twitter there, the Lone Star State would welcome the company with open arms.

Musk’s dislike for the City by the Bay is well known. On Tuesday, he tweeted a specific mention of London Breed, the city’s Democratic mayor. “Where are your priorities @LondonBreed!?” Musk posted. So instead of ensuring that children are protected from fentanyl, the city of San Francisco attacks businesses that offer beds for weary workers. A link to a San Francisco Chronicle article about a 10-month-old baby who unintentionally overdosed on fentanyl discovered on a nearby playground was included in the tweet.

Esther Crawford, a worker at Twitter, was previously pictured at the company’s offices dozing off in a sleeping bag, as The Post reported in November. The image came to light as Musk raced against time to launch his redesigned “Twitter Blue” subscription service.

Since taking control of Twitter more than a month ago, Musk has restored the accounts of the satirical news website Babylon Bee, controversial author Jordan Peterson, and former President Donald Trump. He fired Twitter attorney Jim Baker this week for his “possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue” following Twitter’s infamous suppression of The Post’s.

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