YouTube-branded theater is coming to Inglewood in Partnership With Hollywood Park

YouTube is opening a  the 6,000-seat theatre at a  performing arts theater in Inglewood, California. The theatre is located  next to Sofi Stadium in Hollywood Park, California.

Some of the YouTube creators will appear live in person. YouTube  will have more opportunities to generate content  including livestreamed concerts and e-sports competitions.

Variety reports Google secured naming right to the  Theater at L.A.’s Hollywood Park Complex. the theater includes a large-scale digital YouTube play button icon outside the venue, which can transform into a video screen that guests can interact with by mirroring themselves on the screen and by viewing highlights of YouTube’s creator and artist content. The venue also has a dynamic digital wall on the interior that will be used to feature YouTube creators and artists, as well as interactive video screens throughout.

In other Google news:

First, anyone coming to work on our campuses will need to be vaccinated. We’re rolling this policy out in the U.S. in the coming weeks and will expand to other regions in the coming months. The implementation will vary according to local conditions and regulations and will not apply until vaccines are widely available in your area. You’ll get guidance from your local leads about how this will affect you, and we’ll also share more details on an exceptions process for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other protected reasons.


Second, we are extending our global voluntary work-from-home policy through October 18. We are excited that we’ve started to re-open our campuses and encourage Googlers who feel safe coming to sites that have already opened to continue doing so. At the same time, we recognize that many Googlers are seeing spikes in their communities caused by the Delta variant and are concerned about returning to the office. This extension will allow us time to ramp back into work while providing flexibility for those who need it. We’ll continue watching the data carefully and let you know at least 30 days in advance before transitioning into our full return to office plans. For those of you with special circumstances, we will soon be sharing expanded temporary work options that will allow you to apply to work from home through the end of 2021. We’re also extending Expanded Carer’s Leave through the end of the year for parents and caregivers. Source: Alphabet Investor Relations

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