Amazon’s new drone that films inside homes sparks controversy


When Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, promised back in 2013 that very soon drones would be running rampant all-over delivering packages, the following scenario is not what people envisioned: a miniature camera buzzing around and recording videos.

However, this did happen, and on Thursday, Amazon’s Ring division launched the Ring Always Home Cam for $249 that flies around the house, filming everything supposedly for security purposes. The security camera caught the most attention among the other items introduced, including a new Echo device and a cloud gaming service called Luna.

The promotional video highlighting the camera’s unique traits showed a burglar being caught like a deer in headlights by the drone that flew straight at him while the homeowner is watching this encounter on his phone.

Reaction to the miniature surveillance drone was definitely fiery but not in the Amazon expected.

Walt Mossberg, a well-known tech product reviewer, tweeted that anyone who buys this product from a company that’s already in deep waters regarding privacy problems is probably crazy.

Ring assured that the drone could be used for various security purposes, such as making sure that the stove was off, or the doors were locked while promising that recording would happen only when it flew. It would disseminate a buzzing sound so that it is known to the users that recording is happening. Even after all these assurances, privacy was the most pressing issue for disgruntled Twitteratees.

People claimed this to be a scary step for the future of technology, and if this is just the beginning, what will be next? The executive for Amazon’s devices, Dave Limp, said that this drone came into existence due to consumers’ interest in indoor security cameras. Amazon said that people were unable to put up cameras in certain rooms due to lack of proper placement and outlets, but this miniature drone would fill that gap.

The Federal Communications Commission has not yet signed off on the device, and if it ever does, then it will be available for consumers next year. As for Mr.Bezo’s plan of a drone delivering packages back in 2013? Well, it still hasn’t happened, so maybe these fears will be realized, and the drone may not be released at all.

Technology may rule all areas of our lives, but certain limitations need to be drawn out to safeguard everyone’s privacy. Till then, let’s hope that technology continues to make our lives easier and safe with every step.

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