Arnold Schwarzenegger calls anti-maskers “schmucks” asks everyone to get vaccinated, wear masks


On Wednesday, former Republican Governor of California made an appearance on a YouTube chat show and strongly advocated the use of masks, vaccines and more. He said that you were a “schmuck” if you didn’t wear a mask. The 74-year-old legend also appealed to people to follow guidelines to prevent COVID-19 infections including vaccinations, social distancing and wearing masks.


The 74-year-old legend has been a vocal advocate of vaccines and had posted a picture of him getting vaccinated on Instagram, earlier this year. On Wednesday, he urged others to follow the necessary steps to stay safe from COVID-19.


The Terminator star said that there was a virus that killed people and the only way of prevention was to get vaccinated, to wear masks, to maintain social distance, to maintain hygiene and to wash hands frequently. He said that people should not think that freedom was “kind of disturbed.” He said, “No, screw your freedom.”


He also said that liberty did not mean not to the follow rules. He reminded people that they obeyed traffic rules to keep themselves and others safe. In a similar way following COVID-19 guidelines would also keep them and others safe.


He also extolled experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci and said that they had been studying about virus and more their entire lives and they needed to be respected and listened to by Americans.


Arnie also said that although a person had the freedom to wear “no mask” he said that the person was a “schmuck” for not wearing a mask and everyone is supposed to protect the people around them.


He also said that he didn’t want to villainize anybody. He wanted to tell everyone to work together and stop fighting and there was a virus and that it was better to get vaccinated and to wear a mask.

Image Gage Skidmore

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