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    5 Benefits of Installing Air Hand Dryers

    New, modern times bring new, modern ways of doing almost anything in our lives, including a simple and yet, so important daily activity such as washing hands. During a single day, we tend to touch many public surfaces which are crawling with germs, so we should wash our hands frequently, in the right way, to remove these germs and prevent them from entering our bodies. The traditional paper towel system is being questioned in terms of its hygienic, environmental, cost-efficiency, and maintenance aspects. When compared to up-to-date air hand dryers, we come to the conclusion that perhaps, after all, they are a much more suitable alternative in all aspects in the long term. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of installing air hand dryers.


    1.     No negative environmental impact

    Let’s start with the environmental impact. Many companies worldwide are trying to make some changes in their business that will have a better environmental impact on our planet. This is advisable to all the businesses out there, as it is the only way to preserve life as it is. One of the ways to do a little thing that will have a hugely positive effect on nature is switching from paper towels to electric hand dryers. This is logical as everybody knows that we get paper from trees, so by not using paper towels to clean our hands, we actually help decrease deforestation as well as the emission of exhaust fumes in the air caused by the transportation of logs. Moreover, paper towel is usually not bio-degradable, which means that it will eventually end up in a landfill or that it will undergo the process of incineration. So, by switching to electric hand dryers we actually lower the company’s carbon footprint.

    2.     They are cost-efficient in the long run

    As hand dryers can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance, they are more cost-efficient in the long run. It is true that the initial costs of installing hand dryers are larger than installing paper towel dispensers. This fact might deter the management from switching to hand dryers. However, it is a more plausible option as it reduces the cost of constantly buying paper towels and dispensing them. Also, with electric hand dryers, there is no need for paying labor, i.e. someone who makes sure there is enough paper towel in the dispenser as well as who takes out the trash when it’s full of paper towels. It’s also a perfect ground for thriving bacteria if not dealt with it in the right way. Sometimes the labor costs can be quite high, as depending on the number of people in the company, the bathrooms need to be checked for these things sometimes even hourly.

    You should definitely avoid having an unsightly bathroom in your company where paper towels are laying all over the floor because there’s no space in the trash can — it can have negative effects on your business. Some statistics that were conducted revealed that hand dryers can be 95% cheaper than paper towels, and thus can save us thousands of pounds or dollars each year. One such calculation showed that hand dryers can save up to 8,000 dollars over a 10-year period, which is not a negligible amount. It also proved that the lifecycle of a hand dryer is 7 times more effective than the lifecycle of a paper towel.

    3.     It’s fully hygienic

    In terms of hygiene, when you consider the way we use a paper towel dispenser, you realize that we must touch the handle that everybody touches. It’s certainly not very hygienic and it almost annihilates the previous handwashing. So, in order to wash hands appropriately and remove bacteria, we need a touch-less system. An electric hand dryer gives us just that. It enables us to dry our hands after washing them, without having to touch any public surface. That’s why they are referred to as touch-free, motion sensor hand drying devices. Moreover, improper use of paper towels regarding their disposal into the toilet can cause other unhygienic occurrences, such as toilet clogging, which is another costly thing to deal with.

    4.     Easy to maintain

    When compared to paper towels, electric hand dryers are maintained more easily. As we already mentioned, paper towel systems need constant maintenance that will ensure that they are stocked up, not overflowing the bin, not laying on the floor, and not clogging the toilet. On the other hand, hand dryers are easier to maintain as all they require is daily wiping, as a part of regular day-to-day cleaning. It’s important to mention that some of the hand dryers also require a change of filter, depending on the usage. Also, maintenance checks are recommended to be carried out once a year, just to ensure proper functioning. And it is quite a simple procedure.

    5.     The better overall bathroom experience

    For a business such as restaurants, bars, companies that hire a lot of people, basically any business that has a lot of traffic every day, a positive bathroom experience might be of key importance to the success of such business. One way to ensure this is to install modern and fast hand dryers. It’s not only an eco-friendly option but it is also quite efficient, with the ability to dry your hands in 8 to 15 seconds. Among other things, they are also more sustainable and mess-free alternative.


    Nowadays, living in a world that desperately needs our help in fixing what we did wrong, we should all do our best and try to lessen the bad impact we have had on our planet. Because, the fact is, it won’t last long in this way. For starters, we should all try to be eco-friendlier and more conscious about the world around us. Switching to eco-friendly things, we don’t switch to less effective and plausible solutions. Om the contrary, by opting for electric hand dryers, we become more ecologically responsible, while at the same time providing an efficient, hygienic, and easy way to keep our hands clean and dry, not to mention bacteria-free.





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