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    A Quick Guide for Selecting a Right Vape Pen

    If you wish to vape or switch over to a new device, it’s vital to select one that fits your preference and situation. It’s common for people to have an awful experience that’s avoidable because of choosing the wrong vape pen.

    There are thousands of vaping devices currently in the market because vaping has been around for some time. Ever since the invention of the first modern e-cig in 2003, vaping devices have constantly developed at an incredible rate.  

    This variety means selecting the right vape pen can be a hurdle with the over 9 million adults that regularly vape in the US. If you’re a new vaper or looking to quit smoking, this quick guide for selecting the right vape pen is ideal for you. It’ll help you avoid the major pitfalls that many people experience.  

    Guide for selecting the right vape pen

    If you’ve switched to vape pens as a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco, it’s vital to consider these tips.

    Selecting the right quality

    When looking to select a suitable vaping device from Simpsons bong in Canada, it would be best to compare the prices and the quality the vape pen holds. There are many vape pens available in different sizes and shapes. You can quickly get confused because of the overwhelming information. You can consult your colleagues or friends to help you choose one that fulfills your preferences at a reasonable price tag.

    It will help if you select a vape product concerning the brand and the supplier’s reputation. There are good brands that have built their reputation for providing quality e-cigarettes. You can do a little background check of what to expect from a particular brand.  

    Be sure to look closely at the guarantees. It’s a good indicator of how a brand follows its products for the long term. There are various online shops and stores that you can visit and buy quality vape products.  

    Selecting correct nicotine levels

    The nicotine level in a vape pen depends on your preference. If you’re switching from tobacco, it would be best to consider your previous smoking habit. A 0 to 18mg/ml level is popular, moving up in incremental rates of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. You can find higher strengths from retailers.  

    Here are factors to consider when selecting one level over the other.

    • 0mg/ml – This level is perfect for non-smokers or those that wish to introduce themselves to vaping. Vaping at 0 mg gives you the choice of choosing whatever flavor of your preference.

    • 3mg/ml – Light smokers are best suited for this nicotine level. This category of smokers wants to explore the vaping experience. A three-milligram level is the lowest you can find above a nicotine-free vaping pen.

    • 6mg/ml – For regular smokers who wish to switch to vaping, a six-milligram nicotine level is the standard launch. It’s an excellent jumping-off point that makes it easy when moving down or up the nicotine hierarchy.

    • 12mg/ml – We can equate a 12-milligram nicotine level in your vape pen to a pack-a-day tobacco smoker. At this level, it can be a put-off for a first-time vaper because the throat hit is a rougher physical sensation.  

    • 18mg/ml – This vape pen nicotine level is best suited for hardcore chain smokers. These are people who burn through daily packs without a second thought.

    You should remember that when the nicotine level is high, vaping will be harsher.

    Avoiding   Teflon

    Some brands use Teflon, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Teflon is a non-stick coating that uses various products, including pots and pans. There’s been multiple safety concerns and illnesses that Teflon causes.

    Selecting the preferred heating method

    It would help to consider the method of heating when looking to select the right vape pen. The different heating methods include:

    • Induction – It’s where the heat goes through the magnetic fields. It’s not a popular pen to find, but you can find various vaping pens offering this.

    • Conduction – There’s no direct contact between the botanical chamber and the heating element. There’s direct contact with the heating surface.

    • Convection – Your vaping material is always in contact with the heating material.

    Your preferred heating system will also affect the battery life of your vape pen. The higher the temperature you select, the less time your battery lasts. There’re vape pens that offer a more extensive and longer-lasting battery as well.

    Select pure titanium


    If buying a vape pen, make sure that it is made from pure titanium rather than titanium alloy. Ensure you use titanium that is grade 1 or 2.  

    It is most likely titanium alloy if there are no signs. It’s not known how safe the alloys are.  

    The following are some things to watch out for:

    • It would be helpful if you candidly ask a vendor for a composition test. Refrain from buying from them if they refuse

    • Because of the low resistance of most pure titanium, they only work with sub-ohms batteries. If you come across a vaporizer that claims to be grade 1 or 2 but uses an electric battery, it would be ideal for treading carefully.


    Having learned how to select the right vape pen, keep these points in mind when choosing one. Choosing the right vape pen will satisfy your needs and preferences while taking care of your safety.


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