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    Best Must-Read Shounen Manga Shows for Teenagers

    The biggest difference between Japanese Manga and comic books is that manga offers a wider variety of content for people of all age groups. There are manga shows for kids, teenagers as well as adults. And not just that, some manga shows have males as their targeted audience and some are specific for the female audience.  

    This massive variety of manga is what makes it stand out from other forms of drawing artworks.

    In this article, we are going to talk about Shonen manga, who it is for, and the best Shonen manga series that you need to check out.

    What is Shonen Manga?

    Shonen manga is a Japanese comic book that is marketed towards the Young Teen Males audience ranging from ages between 12 to 18. The age group might be described differently by different sources, but it is the same as the one that we have talked about here. Shonen Manga is available on mangastream alternatives and similar websites that offer manga content for their users.

    Shonen manga is characterized by its long storylines filled with action, mystery, and adventure. Typically, in this genre, you have a protagonist with a grand aim that they must fulfill. The story goes on unless the Hero of the show reaches his destiny and proves himself to the entire world. Of course, the story would differ from manga to manga, but this is what Shonen manga is about most of the time.

    Best Shonen Manga Series

    ●             Dragon Ball

    Dragon Ball is one of the most popular manga series in the world focusing on the adventures of Goku and his quest about being the strongest being in the universe. The manga explores the protagonist’s childhood as well as teenage years and later adult life. You can read this manga on free mangastream alternatives online.


    ●             One Piece

    One Piece is currently the bestselling manga, with most copies sold of any manga in the entire world. It has over 1000 chapters and the manga has been going on for over 2 decades. This manga is a must for anyone who likes enjoying the action and adventure manga series.

    ●             Naruto

    Naruto manga is now finished. The last chapter for it was released a few years back. This manga has been a sensation in the manga world, and it has made a massive impact on the overall manga industry. Naruto manga is available on all manga sites, including mangastream alternatives. Naruto manga tells the story of Naruto and his aim of becoming the Hokage of the village that he’s born in.  

    ●             Death Note

    Death Note is a short manga series and is one of the best ones that you can find out there. The manga isn’t so long yet still, every manga reader knows about it. It is an awesome mystery, thriller, and strategy manga that anyone who is planning on getting into manga needs to read.

    ●             Fullmetal Alchemist

    Fullmetal Alchemist is also one of the classics in the manga world. It is a highly recommended manga that would keep you hooked for hours. This manga can be considered as Shonen as well as Seinen manga. The storyline as well as the visuals of this manga are one of a kind.  

    ●             Assassination Classroom

    Assassination Classroom is also a short manga and is quite famous in the manga community. This manga is filled with action, strategy as well as emotions that would not let you rest unless you finish it to the end. The manga has also been animated so if you want to watch anime, you can go for that instead. Assassination Classroom is one of the best Shonen manga that every manga reader needs to read.

    Final Words

    There are thousands of Shonen manga shows that you can find online. But unless you have read the classics that we have reviewed here, your manga experience would be incomplete. You can learn more about the sites for reading Shonen Manga at Past News. Online manga platforms are your biggest source for reading the popular Shonen manga. You can also find Shojo, Seinen, and Josei manga genres on these sites. Check out the best Shonen manga that we have talked about here when starting with reading Shonen Manga Series online.    


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