Different Types of Mobile Covers to protect your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones were considered a luxury item; today, virtually everyone possesses a phone. Early smartphones did not cost a couple of thousands of dollars; they were expensive, so mobile cover makers had a client base even back then. 

With the emergence of low-cost phones, the necessity for mobile insurance was gone. With the development of touch screen phones, however, mobile covers as a protective covering for the phone and the oneplus skin became popular.

If you buy a touch screen phone today, it is very surprising if you do not buy a mobile cover because touch screen phones are all about the touch function of the phone. 

There are several varieties of cell phone covers on the market, and if you want to buy mobile cover online, you will find a plethora of alternatives. Here is a list of several types of mobile covers, organised by the type, style, and level of protection they help in providing:

Skin for iPhone are one of the most frequent and popular forms of smartphone covers. They are composed of vinyl or silicon rubber, making them flexible, inexpensive, and simple to clean. The skins are non-bulky, and the silicone/rubber combination provides an excellent grip on the phone; nevertheless, they provide little protection to the screen or the phone. 

Mobile Cover with a Bumper

Another common form of mobile cover is bumpers. The bumper is made of rubber and wraps around the phone’s four sides with thin rubber strips. The rubber strips are wrapped around the phone’s edge. 

The bumpers provide simple access to the phone while also not detracting from the phone’s overall appearance and design because a large portion of the phone stays exposed. However, the bumpers do not provide adequate protection.

Shell Mobile Phone Case

The shell mobile cover is a hard-plastic case that goes over the back of the phone. The shell mobile case protects the phone from mild bumps but does not protect the phone’s screen. You should generally avoid using a shell mobile cover if you have an expensive touch screen Smartphone. These are not expensive. They are fairly affordable.

Leather, nylon, or any of the synthetic substitutes to leather are used to make holsters. The holster is frequently supplied with a clip that may be fastened to a belt. 

The disadvantage of wearing a holster mobile cover is that they are bulky, making it difficult to use the phone because you will have to pull it out every time you want to use it, and are pricey if made of leather. Synthetic leather holsters are great because they are less expensive, but you will miss the professional finish of a leather holster mobile cover.

Mobile cover pouch 

Soft materials, such as canvas or other textiles, are used to make mobile cover pouches. These mobile covers resemble socks or packages in that they keep the phone inside and protect it from damage. These mobile coverings are inexpensive and simple to clean. Oneplus skin allows you to freely access the phone. Let us take a look at these covers to help you choose one.

The disadvantage of utilizing a mobile cover pouch is that it does not provide much protection for the phone in the case of a fall. Furthermore, the pouch makes it tough to reach the phone because you will have to remove it from the bag even if you only need to check alerts, time, or anything else.

Metal covers 

The heavy metal cover encases the phone in a touch heavy metal alloy, housing it and protecting it from falls and drops. This mobile cover is designed to provide maximum protection. These add to the phone’s weight, which may irritate individuals who like their phone to be sleek and lightweight. This phone cover is constructed of metal to provide total body protection. 

It is often made of aluminium or a similar alloy. They may be expensive, but they are considerably safer against severe phone damage. Aside from that, the phone does not become hot while using the metal case because it conducts heat to the surroundings.

Hybrid case covers 

If you’re searching for a durable case and phone cover, this hybrid phone cover has lately gained popularity. It is outstanding and first-rate in terms of mobile protection and safety, and it can even compete with more serious mobile damages. It boasts dual-layered protection with a tough polycarbonate shell on the inside. These phone covers may also have a back stand or a holder, depending on the brand.

Fabric case 

When it comes to style and appearance, fabric cases are extremely appealing. At first glance, they may appear to be a typical instance. They are, nevertheless, stylish and may accommodate a variety of personal fashion tastes. Most high-end phone owners prefer cloth covers to complement the overall style.

Get stylish with a wallet case. 

We all want to carry along a multi-purpose wallet that can fit in wherever. Why not give this wallet phone cover a shot? You can organise and keep everything in one place, with everything safely matched in your Smartphone, including your cards, money, and other valuables. These are basic and functional phone covers with pockets that come in various materials like leather, silicon, and others.


The arm-based case for an athlete 

If you lead an active lifestyle, this armband phone case could be the ideal choice for you. These are specially created to safeguard the phone from all sides when working out and be fastened to the arm with the help of a strong band incorporated within. They are both light and strong.

To achieve maximum protection, the back cover will protect the back, and the tempered glass screen protector will safeguard the phone screen. These are the most prevalent and widely used varieties of mobile cover covers in terms of form and aesthetic. 

Given the variety of phone covers available, it is easy to become confused when choosing the best option for oneself. We hope that after reading this guide on the various mobile cases, you will choose the best one for your phone and lifestyle. Please share your opinions with us.

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