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    What to look for when getting a refurbished motherboard?

    Refurbished motherboards are returned or defective pieces that have been repaired and adequately checked for functioning by the manufacturers. When it comes to functioning and performance, the refurbished motherboards are usually the same as new motherboards. You can easily find them for sale but choosing a good piece is tricky. You should buy your PC’s motherboard carefully because it is the most important component and nothing else works without it.

    Now the question is, how can you buy a good refurbished motherboard for your PC? Well, if you don’t know, stay with us as we will discuss with you some important things and factors that are necessary to consider while buying a refurbished motherboard. So, let’s get started.
    Important factors to look for when buying a refurbished motherboard
    Following are some essential factors that you need to consider when you buy a refurbished motherboard for your PC:

    – Check the Form Factor of Refurbished Motherboard

    The form factor is one of the most important specifications of a motherboard, whether it is new or furbished. That’s why you should look for the Form Factor before purchasing a refurbished motherboard. The Form Factor includes information about different motherboard specifications, such as dimensions, mounting holes location, and type of power supply. It also tells the number of ports the motherboard has on its back panel. The analysis of the Form Factor of the refurbished motherboard will help you to understand that whether it is suitable for your needs or not. Also, make sure that the Form Factor specifications are functioning properly.
    Based on the Form Factor, motherboards have different types, including Standard-ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ATX. You can choose one according to your needs.

    – Check the functioning of the Processor Socket.

    After checking the form factor, you will check the type of processor socket the refurbished motherboard has. It can be LGA, PGA or BGA. LGA and PGA are the most common Processor sockets used by Intel and AMD. The processor socket type will determine the process you need to buy for your motherboard, so carefully check the functioning and type of processor socket. Also, ensure that it is not damaged from anywhere.

    – RAM (Random Access Memory) Slots

    The next most crucial part of motherboards (refurbished) is the RAM Slots. You will check the type of RAM that the refurbished motherboard supports and the number of RAM slots on it. The number of RAM Slots will determine how many RAM cards you can use at a time. Choosing a refurbished motherboard that has RAM slots with at least 16 GB accommodation is a good idea. Usually, refurbished motherboards offer up to 4 RAM slots. Don’t forget to check that all the RAM slots are working correctly.

    – Checking PCI Slots is also essential.

    A PCI Slot is a port available on the motherboard that allows the expansion cards to be connected with the system. So, It is important to check the type and number of PCI slots on the refurbished motherboard you are buying and make sure they are suitable for your needs. If you want to buy a refurbished motherboard for gaming, we recommend that your motherboard has at least one full-speed PCI Express x16 slot to connect an expansion graphics card.

    – Check the number and proper functioning of SATA Ports.

    The number of SATA ports determines how many optical or storage devices you can connect with your PC, such as SSD or HDD. So, it is vital to check the SATA Ports when buying a refurbished motherboard for your PC. You should make sure that the motherboard has a suitable number of SATA that can cater to your needs. Also, check the type of SATA Port you have on the motherboard. Check whether it’s a SATA 3.0 or any other version.

    – BIOS

    BIOS is the combination of input and output systems of the motherboards. It is also known as system BIOS, ROM BIOS, and PC BIOS. It is firmware in the motherboard that is responsible for the initialization of hardware during the booting process. It also provides runtime services to the OS and software of the computer. When you turn on the computer, the BIOS system firmware is the first software that runs on it. Check BIOS and its properties while purchasing a refurbished motherboard for your PC because it is responsible for your computer’s proper booting and starting.

    – Check for Parallel Port

    The parallel port serves as the interface to establish a connection between peripherals and the computer. This port is capable of sending multiple bite data per second. So, its proper functioning is very important for the refurbished motherboard.

    – Check Build-in VGA or Graphics Card

    – Build-in VGA or Graphics Card is the port where the monitor or any other display is connected with the motherboard. While purchasing the refurbished motherboard, don’t forget to check that this card is properly working.

    – Check Other Important Features of Refurbished Motherboard

    Don’t forget to check the other essential features of the refurbished motherboard, such as an onboard audio card, the number of peripheral connections like USB ports, and cooling fans. Check if all these features are according to your needs. USB 3.0 is a good option for peripheral connections, while the onboard audio card is also considered good if it is HD-Quality. The power Supply plugin is another crucial feature to check before buying a refurbished motherboard. Check the power supply connector is properly working because if it is not, the motherboard will have no power.

    You can choose excellent and high-quality refurbished motherboards for you by considering the factors mentioned above. Refurbished motherboards work just like new ones but are available at a low price. However, don’t allow the low-quality manufacturers to make you fool on the name of high-quality refurbished motherboards. Always choose high-quality refurbished motherboards to your specific needs, and don’t compromise the quality on price. Checking the functioning of the whole refurbished motherboard before purchasing it is an excellent way to ensure that you are purchasing a working piece.


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