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California Shootout: Fugitive father and abducted teen dead in shootout

On Tuesday, there was a deadly shootout on a highway, in California. A 45-year old father, who abducted his 15-year old daughter, was involved in a shootout with officers, according to law enforcement. The man had allegedly been involved in a domestic dispute with her mother, his estranged wife. He had reportedly killed her in her home in Fontana and kidnapped his daughter.

On Monday, Fontana police and the California Highway Patrol had issued an amber alert after 45-year old Anthony John Graziano fled from the house, taking his teen daughter along with him. He was described as both dangerous. 



San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said that a caller told 911 that a Nissan Frontier, the car that the fugitive was driving, had been seen around Barstow.

Deputies located the pickup truck and tried to get the truck to pull over. There was an ensuing chase as Graziano fired at the deputies from the rear window. The chase went on for a distance of about 45 miles on Highway 395 and Highway 58. There was constant shooting throughout the chase from the truck’s rear window. The authorities also said that the windshield of a patrol car was hit by several rounds and a second patrol car was also disabled, later in the chase.


When the vehicles reached the 15 Freeway, in Hesperia, the pickup truck got disabled. The teen wearing tactical gear, exited from the passenger’s side of the truck. She ran towards the deputies and fell down in the ensuing gunfire. She was taken to a hospital and was pronounced dead, just before noon.


Anthony John Graziano was found in the driver’s seat. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the shootout. There was a rifle in the car.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus did not specifically say who shot Savannah Graziano. It is not known whether the bullet came from her father or from a responding officer. Dicus also said that a deputy had been injured by shrapnel.

Initially the deputies were unable to realize that the girl was running towards them as she was wearing a helmet. She also wore a military style vest which could hold armored plates. Three members of the same family were killed within two days.


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