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Celebrity brothers Tommy and Tyson Fury still banned from entering US for alleged Kinahan links

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Former celebrity reality show Love Island star Tommy Fury has confirmed that he and his boxer brother Tyson Fury are still banned from entering the U.S. The ban was placed on the siblings due to the alleged links of Tyson Fury with alleged mobster Daniel Kinahan. Tyson refused to comment on being refused access to the nation but Tommy has confirmed the ban.

On Monday, Tommy spoke in length about the entry ban to the US and how it was affecting not only him but also fellow Love Island celebrity star Molly Mae Hague, who is pregnant with their child.

When he was asked about the “Kinahan situation” on the MMA Fighting on SBN podcast, the former Love Island star said that he didn’t know what was happening and that was why he was paying his lawyers and legal team to resolve the issue.

Tommy Fury said, “…I said please get this resolved as soon as possible and that’s where I’ve left at the moment.”

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He also mentioned that he wanted it to get resolved as soon as possible as he wanted to visit America not only for boxing but also as it was a favorite place for him and he loved everything: the people, the food, the weather and more. He added that he and his girlfriend Molly Mae Hague loved “going to New York around Christmas” and they couldn’t do that.

Irish boxing promoter Daniel Kinahan has been accused of running an organized crime group across the world. Earlier, when asked to address claims of his association with Kinahan, Tyson Fury had said, “That’s none of my business and I don’t interfere with anybody else’s business.”

He also added, “Because I had my picture taken with a man it doesn’t make me a criminal.” He also said, “I’m just a boxer. There could be a criminal in this building.”

Dublin’s High Court named Daniel Kinahan as a senior figure in organized crime. In April 2022, the U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions not only on Daniel Kinahan but also on other members of his family including his father Christy Kinahan and his brother Christy Kinahan Jr. and other associates of the Kinahan family.

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