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Celebrity January Jones Comments on Toxic Femininity, Goes All Pink in String Bikini and Jewelry

Photo January Jones Instagram

Celebrity actress and model January Jones started her modeling career at the age of 18, before pursuing an acting career. She received an Emmy nomination in 2010 for her portrayal of Betty Draper, who ran from 2007 to 2015 on AMC’s Mad Men. Jones appeared in The Last Man on Earth on Fox and Spinning Out on Netflix.

January Jones is talking about toxic femininity on social media while flashing a pink bikini. The Mad Men alum posted a shot from the waist up on her social media pages while wearing a pale pink string bikini. For her 1.1 million fans and followers, who have become accustomed to seeing similar pictures from the actress, she uploaded the upbeat bikini photo.

The most recent post of hers included her as the focal point of the image. The gorgeous actress embraced pink in a style reminiscent of the Barbie-core craze that swept the fashion industry. The actress included massive pink earrings and pink-framed spectacles with a 1960s vibe. She added a pink crystal necklace with stones that resembled pink opal as an additional accessory.


The Golden Globe Awards nominee put her fists on her hips while smiling, revealing her pink lipstick and white teeth. The ends of January’s short, blonde hair, which was styled in a bob and nearly reached her shoulders, were wispy. A white spiral staircase to somewhere was behind January. Additionally, there were plants and white fluffy cushions arranged behind her. Her caption was intriguing because she addressed Nascar and toxic femininity. It read, “⚠️TOXIC FEMININITY⚠️ Apparently you guys didn’t appreciate my attempted Nascar’esque rebranding so here ya go.”

Fans were shocked when January revealed she was pregnant eleven years ago. Despite pressure from the media, January Jones has vowed to maintain her privacy. Because her admirers were unaware that she was seeing someone, the news came as a surprise. As it turns out, January vowed to retain her commitment to privacy and wanted to keep the paternity a secret.

Since her only son turned 11 last week, the celebrity has probably been busy with parties. As January raises a robust son on her own, nothing about her femininity seems to be “poison.” She recently published a touching Instagram message. She wrote that her son was turning 11 and that she was handling things well, with grace and thought. She also said that her son does not have a male around telling him “don’t cry” or “you toss like a lady.”

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