Celebrity Paris Hilton dances across Coachella field while bodyguard struggles to protect her

Coachella may end but the memories remain in our hearts as well as online. One viral trending video that has made many smile is DJ, socialite and model Paris Hilton dancing across a field looking beautiful and happy. But that’s not only what catches the eye. Her solid bodyguard struggling to keep up with his star security detail has gone viral, partly because of his awkward movements next to her fluid grace. The TikTok video went viral and Paris Hilton posted it on her social media account as well.

The model turned entrepreneur was at the A-list music festival with friends. Known for hosting top musicians open air in California, the festival is also a location to be seen in, as not only music lovers and fans but also celebrities throng the music festival.

(Photo/Credit: Instagram Paris Hilton)

Paris Hilton, who married Carter Reum last year, was seen dancing and having a good time, in a field while her bodyguard was struggling to keep up with her. She wore a white, sheer gown and accessorized it with a shiny back pack and sunglasses. Her hair was sort off pulled up in top knots. Her bodyguard, wearing a black polo shirt and khaki shorts followed her. He looked very tired in the video as he continued to do his duty; protecting her.


The fan who posted the video got a lot of comments and likes including the biggest from the diva herself who reposted the video on her social media with the caption: “It’s a workout keeping up with the sliv queen. [sic].”

Hilarious comments were posted by several fans with one comparing it to a Daddy’s day out with his toddler, a comment many related to while another joked about the bodyguard “dying of heat” as he ran.

Coachella features many celebrities who entertain the crowds with some of their best performances The 41-year old socialite Paris Hilton continues to entertain much after Coachella ended with her carefree dance and ethereal look, accompanied by her bulky bodyguard, which can now be seen forever on social media.

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