Celebrity singer Taylor Swift talks ATW at Tribeca Film Festival, gives rare emotional performance

Celebrity singer Taylor Swift reached New York City to attend an event at the 21st Tribeca Film Festival. She discussed a short film All Too Well (ATW) that she had directed starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Smith. Taylor Swift donned the role of writer, director and actor for ATW and received an invitation to discuss the film. The number of fans who showed up at Tribeca were so many that it looked like one of her regular concerts. She performed with her guitar at the end of the event and the audience, filled with her fans, went wild.

The talented celebrity star showed her directorial creativity as she got down to brass tacks and discussed the reasons for everything she showed and also what she didn’t show. She used film industry terms such as “pan” and “steady cam” to show her knowledge. She also acknowledged that she felt the “imposter syndrome” when she directed All Too Well, when she spoke with writer and director Mike Mills, at the event. She was very happy when he told her that he felt the same.

On Saturday, she discussed the concept as well as approach of her short film All Too Well at the event titled Storytellers: Taylor Swift at the Beacon Theater. She then invited Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Smith, to join her on the stage, while her friends, celebrity couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were present in the audience.

Describing the film’s central couple in the short film she said that she wanted the film to convey that the couple falling together was inevitable and them falling apart was also inevitable. The celebrity singer-director also said, “They couldn’t stop from colliding and they couldn’t stop from being dismantled.”

The celebrity singer spoke of how she began rerecording her albums after she failed to acquire her master recordings from Scooter Braun. Taylor Swift had originally recorded All Too Well in her 2012 album, Red.

Taylor Swift also dropped a version of All too Well on streaming services, this Saturday. The celebrity singer ended the event by going back to her country roots and strumming All Too Well on her guitar and the audience cheered wildly and sang or shouted out the lyrics.

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