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Classified papers seized by FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago had US secrets about China and Iran, Washington Post says

Credit DOJ

Reports have emerged that some of the documents that have been seized by the FBI when they searched Mar-a-Lago—former president Donald Trump’s home contained classified information pertaining to sensitive intelligence about China and Iran, according to the Washington Post.

The Washington Post reported that people familiar with the matter told the outlet that if the sensitive documents had been shared with others, it would have brought to light the ways and means in which the US collects classified information and that the nation would prefer this information to remain a secret.

The people, who spoke to WaPo in the condition of anonymity, said that at least one document had described the missile program of Iran. Other documents contained sensitive intelligence information pertaining to China.

The outlet also listed other concerns including multiple risks if the documents reached hands of adversaries of the nation. People who helped the US with sensitive information could be placed in danger. Information about the methods of collecting information would also become known and adverse nations could obtain information of actions by the US that were conducted in secret.

The people who spoke on conditions of anonymity said that the documents pertaining to both these nations were among the most sensitive documents that were seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago. The third cache of documents seized by the FBI contained about 13,000 documents. According to court records of these documents 108 were classified and 18 of them were top secret.

The outlet asked a Trump spokesman for comment but did not receive a response. However, Trump himself responded after the publication of the article and denounced the information. He posted his views on social media. He suggested that he was being framed by the National Archives and Records Administration and the FBI.

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