Clicker Training Puppy – Tips to help you get started

All puppy owners want their puppies to learn different tricks and skills. Clicker training is one of those ways to teach your puppy good behavior. Clicker training puppy will help him learn the basics of obedience training. The clicker, a mechanical tool, creates a distinctive sound which informs your puppy he is doing exactly what you want him to do. As a reward, you can give your puppy something to eat, or you can play with him. Soon your puppy will associate this clicking sound with something he likes. Here are the things that you can do to get started on it:

Wait Until Your Puppy Exhibits a Good Behavior

This training starts with waiting for a perfect opportunity for your puppy to show good behavior. Once this happens, press the clicker and give your puppy a treat. You may need to do this several times to practice your puppy. You can also add an extra exercise or training activity during mealtime. A few commands to behave while waiting for his meal would be great.

Push the Clicker while Your Puppy is Showing Good Behavior

A good timing is required to be effective in clicker training puppy. Your puppy will not recognize the treat is for good behavior if you push the clicker after he has already done the good deed. Your puppy will automatically stop after he hears the clicker because the clicker signals the end. Just remember that if you use food as a reward, make sure you cut the food into tiny pieces.

Click if your Puppy did Something that You Approve of

Start with simple tricks that your puppy can do on his own, like coming towards you and sitting down. Don’t forget to keep your sessions short; five to ten minutes is better than 30 minutes – or longer – of boring routine repetition. Express your high enthusiasm by giving more treats and rather than pressing the clicker numerous times.

Click for Movements that Your Puppy Discovers

You can’t force your puppy to do something. If you want your puppy to learn a specific trick, you may guide him and allow him to discover things on his own. Forcing him to learn any skill or trick will leave you and your puppy frustrated. Don’t forget to keep safety in mind during your clicker training puppy sessions.

Increase Your Goal

This training includes shaping up his behavior. If your puppy is already responding well to his training, that’s a sign to start increasing your goal. When your puppy already knows how to sit, you may increase your goal by teaching him how to sit more promptly at your command. If he lays down, wait for him to stay there for a few seconds more before giving him a reward.


Effective communication with your puppy is possible through clicker training puppy. This training is made not only to teach your puppy how to behave appropriately, but to discipline him as well. You can correct bad behaviors if you click on favorable ones. Dogs are also naturally talented, and this training can help your dog develop his talents. As you go through your everyday practices, you will discover exactly what your puppy is capable of doing.

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