Barbecued Beer Can Chicken

This is incredibly moist chicken, seasoned, cooked over a can of beer on the barbecue.


whole chicken spices
1 can beer
smoked Paprika
garlic powder
Kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
(1-2 teaspoons of each)


1. coat chicken with olive oil, then rub 1/2 of spice mixture over chicken, sprinkle inside of chicken as well.
2. Drink 1/2 of the can of beer, then pour in remaining half of spices into can of beer.
3. Stuff cut up onion into chicken cavity.
4. I use a stand I bought at camping store that is specifically made for making this kind of chicken.
5. Push chicken butt onto beer can, place on foil lined old cookie sheet and put into preheated barbecue
6. Cook medium heat for about an hour and temperature of 185 degrees reached.
Credit: Foodista

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