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Black Pudding

This is one of the famous blood dishes that Scottish people love. It usually accompanies other fried dishes, such as bacon and eggs. While it might seem shocking to eat blood, don’t forget that all meat dishes contain blood, and it’s the basis of gravy.

Blood dishes are popular all over Europe, especially in Transylvania… If serving to children, experience shows that the ingredients are best left undiscussed at the table.

Black puddings and mealie puddings are usually stuffed in larger sausage casings of the size used for garlic and other specialty sausages.


1 pound Suet, finely chopped
1 pound Oatmeal
2 Onions
Fresh sheep’s blood, (may be watered down)
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl with fresh sheep’s blood.
2. Stuff mixture into casing, tie well.
3. Place in large pan, cover with boiling water, boil gently for 3 hours.
4. Remove black puddings, allow to cool.
5. Cut into slices as required, fry in hot fat.

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