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Healthy yogurt chicken curry

Maybe white rice isn’t the best option for a light dinner, but sometimes you really fancy it…and what about a curry? SOMETIMES you just need a good one.


40 gr. of white rice
1 chicken breast
1 onion
For the curry sauce:
2 big spoonfuls of natural Greek yogurt
1 little spoon of curcuma
1 little spoon of curry powder
1 little spoon of mustard seeds
1 little spoon of cumin
1 little spoon of mango powder
1 spoonful of honey or jam


1. First of all start by chopping your onions and cooking them a saucepan. At the same time, in a cup mix the natural greek yogurt, curcuma, curry powder, mustard seeds, cumin and mango powder. Mix everything well. Separately, in another cup mix a chicken stock cube with boiling water and another spoonful of honey or jam, add a bit of this liquid to the curry paste you have just prepared, reserve the other half for later on.
2. When your onions are halfway cooked, start adding the stock left in your cup, slowly, bit by bit, as we are using it caramelise the onions due to the honey or jam that we have added. Leave to simmer.
3. In the meantime, cut the chicken breast into medium – small pieces & add them to the healthy curry sauce mix.
4. Once the onions are caramelized, add your chiken curry to the pan, and cook slowly.
5. Boil your rice as usual.
6. Serve everything in a bowl & enjoy.
Credit: Foodista

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